Apple iPhone 8 announced September 12th? The price is huge!

Galaxy Note 8, a Samsung flagship smartphone, has been unveiled through the Galaxy Unpacking event. Now, naturally, the eyes of the users around the world are focused on the iPhone 8. It is only rumor that Apple invitations have not been sent yet, but the claim of foreign IT media that it will announce on September 12 at local time is getting stronger.2 Apple iPhone 8 announced September 12

The main features of the iPhone 8, such as a bezelless design with no home button, wireless charging, 3D facial recognition, and iOS11, are already unveiled to some extent. Estimated prices vary widely. The New York Times argued that the price of the basic model, the 64GB model, would be a reasonable $999, rather than the existing rumor prices $1,200-1,300.

Apple iPhone 8 wireless charging

But even the $999 price is a pretty dramatic price increase, given that the base models of the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 plus are priced at $ 649 and $ 769, respectively. It’s $ 230 more than the iPhone 7 Plus, which is synonymous with premium smartphones. Still, the 10th anniversary of bezels design is enough to buy. It is also partly because of its huge liquidity all over the world.

Apple iPhone 8 announced September price

It’s hard to argue that Apple will cut costs as much as possible in order to get it at a lower than expected price. One of those claims is that the iPhone 8 will not have more RAM. The iPhone 8 will have the same 3GB of RAM as the iPhone 7 Plus. On the other hand, the iPhone 7s has 2GB of RAM.

iPhone 8 will not have more RAM

I think the $999 price for the iPhone 8 is simply huge. The iPhone 7s and the iPhone 7s Plus, which are expected to be released together, will minimize Apple’s criticism that it will not be ignored if the price gap is wide enough.

$999 price for the iPhone 8 is very huge

Of course, this is just one hypothetical scenario. Still, I think there is enough probability, because it is more realistic, that the price will over $1000.

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