Is Galaxy Note 8 battery safe? Battery performance and safety

One of the most concerned question since the Galaxy Note 7 appearance is the battery safety. So, is the Galaxy Note 8 battery safe?

The fact is that many people who bought Note 7 were disappointed by the previous battery accident. Samsung’s worldwide recall was fortunately a quick solution. In the meantime, we released various solutions along with cause analysis. I did not worry much about Note 8 because it came out after that, but I tried to summarize the performance and safety.

Is Galaxy Note 8 battery safe

As you already know about the analysis results, it was the malfunction of the battery itself. There is a suspicion that Samsung has tested it on its own, but it has been commissioned by three independent agencies and has the same conclusion. So this is the reason for recall because it is a matter of safety rather than just a few. In this regard, Galaxy Note 8 is very sensitive to battery safety issues.

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For battery safety

It is said that not only Galaxy Note 8 but also all smart phones are subjected to the same safety check. I also went through the structural design process from the beginning and applied the method to take measures when excessive heat occurred.

Some of the replacement Note 7 units had the same issues (overheating and occasionally combusting). It was then that the South Korean tech giant halted production of the Note 7 entirely. Since then, a whopping 97% of the 3 million devices sold have been returned.

“We assembled 700 engineers who completed months of testing on more than 200,000 devices and 30,000 batteries,” Samsung officials explain in a statement. “Then we reviewed every aspect of our process, from hardware, software, assembly, testing to logistics in detail. Finally, it was concluded that the batteries had been the cause of the issues.”

samsung galaxy 8 point battery safety check

Samsung Galaxy 8 point battery safety check

  • Durability test
  • X-Ray
  • Visual inspection
  • Charge and discharge test
  • Total Volatile Organic Compound test
  • Delta Open Circuit Voltage test
  • Dissembling test
  • Accelerated usage test

galaxy note 8 battery test process

But the anxiety remains…

Now let’s talk about the Galaxy Note 8 battery capacity. In fact, it is a lower capacity battery compared to the Galaxy S8+. S8 and S8+ are supplied with 3000mAh and 3500mAh batteries. On the other hand, the Galaxy Note 8 is only 3300mAh. There are a lot of talks and opinions about this is smaller capacity emphasizing various usability.

Why is the capacity that low?

The reason is S pen. Galaxy Note 8’s the larger the battery, the less space the device has, so it is also an inevitable choice. Even creating a smaller new form is still necessary because the technical stability is not visible yet. Also, Samsung’s performance is not so bad. The difference between the S8 + model and the Note 8 usage time is different for up to 2 hours.

How to improve Note 8 battery perfomance?

There are various solutions to improve Galaxy Note 8 battery performance.
1. Use wire and wireless fast charging.
Depending on the device you are supporting, it is possible to charge it quickly with the supplied components.
Use evey possibility to have a quick charge even when you have only a few minutes.
2. Software
Samsung smartphone itself offers two ways to optimize this part. This function is also applied to S8.
In addition, various algorithms for battery reduction are applied in Google’s Android 8.0.

is samsung galaxy note 8 battery safe

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