Galaxy Note 9 is released in Korea Late August 2018: New York City public appearance confirmed

Samsung Electronics schedule for release of Galaxy Note 9 globally has been confirmed.

“We received information regarding Unpack of Galaxy Note 9 from Samsung Electronics” said an official from an IT agency supporting the event in New York on the 9th of August.

It has been confirmed that the U.S. agency sent an e-mail containing the schedule of the Unpack of Galaxy Note 9 to about 100 event operators. This email indicates that Samsung Electronics is planning to separately guide schedule of advance training for Galaxy Note 9 specifications and functions one or two weeks before its Unpack event.

Samsung Electronics is planning to send an invitation for Galaxy Note 9 Unpack to South Korean and foreign media early next month. It is heard that Galaxy Note 9 Unpack is the biggest event ever for Galaxy Note series.

Three mobile telecom service companies have decided to release the Galaxy Note 9 on August 24 or August 31 after Samsung Electronics releases the Galaxy Note 9 in early August for about two weeks. It is the policy that it does not exceed the August at the latest.

“We received a message from Samsung Electronics that Samsung Electronics is having a unpack event in New York in early August” said a high-ranking official for mobile network providers.

Galaxy Note 8 was released on August 23 last year. A reason why Samsung Electronics has moved forward about 15 days earlier than its Galaxy Note 8 Unpack schedule last year is because it is planning to grab upper hands in premium Smartphone markets before releasing its next iPhone.

Samsung Electronics moved its fingerprint recognition sensor from the back of Galaxy Note 9 under the lens of the camera and improved inconvenience of getting fingerprints on the camera lens whenever it is unlocked.

“Galaxy Note 9 has Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845 and Exynos 9810 cross and supports 3,300mh battery capacity.”

Foreign media such as Phone Arena and others are predicting that function of dual-camera will be strengthened as camera shutter button will be installed separately at the bottom of Galaxy Note 9. It is estimating that 8 GB RAM and 512 GB internal memory, which are the biggest memory capacities ever for Smartphones, can be used. It is heard that fingerprint recognition sensor with built-in display is not applied to Galaxy Note 9.

“We are planning to develop new products in order to implement functions and performance that can satisfy consumers of Smartphones” said a representative for Samsung Electronics.

Previous release dates of Galaxy Note series and domestic store prices:

Previous release dates of Galaxy Note series and domestic store prices

Previous release dates of Galaxy Note series and domestic store prices

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