How is Galaxy Note 9 design different than original?

The Samsung Galaxy Note series, which is well known for its “phablets” phones, is still attracting huge attention. This year is no exception, and I’m sure many of you now have the expectation that something needs to be heard. There are several South Korean sources where rumors related to Galaxy Note 9 design are being heard from.

Galaxy Note 9 case photo

Galaxy Note 9 case photo

Expected Galaxy Note 9 body design

Although it hasn’t been confirmed yet, rumors have a lot of influence, and this time the news about them adds to the fun. First of all, a Galaxy Note 9 case photo was leaked to reveal the design of the back. Only the fingerprint recognition sensor has changed its position, we can not see any other significant changes. In case of the previous model, you can expect that the flash next to the dual camera has been moved down! Of course, TPU cases are hard to distinguish accurately.

Galaxy Note 8

But if you look at the rendering image that appears on OnLeaks Twitter, you get a better sense of certainty. In case of Galaxy Note 9, you can see that the fingerprint recognition sensor is centered at the bottom of the camera. This seems to be related to the vertical array of cameras shown by the Galaxy S9+.

If you look at the other side of the design, you can tell that it’s about 2mm thicker than note 8. The question, ” Why did Samsung make this choice when the market is getting thinner and thinner? ” comes naturally. Isn’t this a phenomenon resulting from the use of tempered glass? This seems to be the most reasonable doubt so far. And I think the answer to this is the Galaxy S9+. This is because they are so thick in design that they can maintain stability without the need for a bullet-proof protective film!

galaxy-note-9 rendering

And Samsung’s internal concerns must have been deepened by the recent influence of the notch design. With a significant number of manufacturers participating, it would have been a point to capture this trend as much as possible. So it’s not a notch design, but it’s going to take the bezel a little thinner. If you have that kind of expectation, I hope Samsung will create its own display design.

galaxy note 9 side design

Galaxy Note 9 expected specs

If you look at the specifications, you will see that Galaxy Note 8 will be equipped with the Snapdragon 845 or Exynos 9810 processors with 8GB RAM and 512-GB ROM. There is a 3.5 inch phone jack on the bottom, and there is an S pen as usual.

Galaxy Note 9 Benchmark Test

Galaxy Note 9 Benchmark Test

The benchmark results of the SM-N 960 N sample phone were released, and the result was a single-core 2737 and a multi-core 9064 score, beating the existing multi-core score of 844.

Possible mounting of 512GB eUFS memory

Possible mounting of 512GB eUFS memory

Some news reports say that it has decided to stop related projects and place fingerprint recognition function on the back of Galaxy Note 8. However front-end fingerprint recognition technology is essential for Infinity Display that Samsung Electronics is pushing. Above all, the last home button of the Galaxy phone, which used to be its signature, disappeared. Many people still want to use fingerprint recognition function.

The battery capacity is expected at 3850 mAh or 4000 mAh. You will have to watch a little bit more about exactly what numbers will be loaded between the two numbers, but it’s obvious that it’s time to use more than before!

Galaxy Note

As the new phone is expected to be unveiled in New York in early August, the strategic part of Samsung is also drawing attention. It would be burdensome to have to face another reality than it was two years ago. Nevertheless, Galaxy Note 9 is a pioneer in creating the first phablet and it can not be ignored. So, If you’re a consumer, this is a pretty awesome device to look at.

galaxy note 9 specifications

Galaxy Note 9 expected price in Korea

It is predicted that prices of Galaxy Note 9 64 GB will start from about KRW 1,000,000 (~ $900). A representative for “All That Phones”, who provided advice on this article, also predicted that Galaxy Note 9 will cost more than 1 million KRW. He said, “We can get a discount of KRW 455,000 ($440 dollars) for the selected customer and KRW 380,000 won ($330 dollars) for regular promotion support.”

expected prices

It is expected that many people will choose the contract purchase. Also, they can be purchased at reduced prices of 570,000 won through promo cards, just like previous models. In case of “All That Phones”, it is a good idea to reduce the price burden through a variety of 26 gift items including icon X, gear sports, smart devices, and wireless charging pads.




Nevertheless, Galaxy Note 9 is a pioneer in creating the first phablet and it can not be ignored. So, If you’re a consumer, this is a pretty awesome device to look at.

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