Red Bean USB Magnetic Cable Review: Convenient Smart Device Charging

Smartphones are used every day! But the problem with batteries is, wherever you go, you need to charge it first. Of course you can connect it to the charger, but unlike the iPhone, you’ll need to plug it in the port. It doesn’t matter during the day, but at night it can be annoying to find the hole in the dark. Also, if used this way for a long time, this may cause poor contact due to the widening of the holes.

Red Bean Magnetic Cable Convenient Smart Device Charging

To address this inconvenience, I have a Red Bean magnetic cable. When it was first delivered, it was made up of these two small boxes. One is a cable and the other is a connector. I just talked about the inconvenience with Android 5 pins. But even with Apple’s 8-pin or USB C type, you can’t go and plug in the hole at once. Even in this case, Red Bean magnetic cables add convenience.
Red Bean magnetic cables
The cable comes in two colors : Orchid Gray and Rose Gold .. In the middle, there is a pin band for proper use.

Rotation Charging

360° Rotation Charging

Rotation Charging 3
Rotation Charging 2
The biggest feature is that it can also be connected directly to and from the front and back directions. This is the first round design in Korea, allowing easy charging in any direction.

Double-sided USB port

Double-sided USB port

You can also connect and use the USB port directly without separating the front and back. The picture above shows a Red Bean magnetic cable and the bottom is a conventional USB port. I can tell the difference between the two because it’s obvious. In the dark, it’s not easy to plug into a charger, so it’s convenient.

Anti-Winding Nylon ' MaterialUSB

On the side, the words ” Red Bean ” are written beautifully. One cable allows compatibility with iPhones, Android, and other smart devices. So every time you have a couple of things in place, the hassle of checking the port is gone, and you can pull them out easily!
1.2 M long cable is an ‘ anti-wanding nylon ‘ material which is secured against open circuits, scratches, twisting and contamination. I personally find it most annoying to have an uncluttered twist, which I think is attractive to complement.

It is also useful when you are busy that you can get a quick charge with QC 3.0 high-speed charging. I was tired of moving pictures or videos because I could send data here, but now I think I can connect to my computer and save them once a day.


Can connectors be carried in place? It’s true that this kind of concern was ahead. But it doesn’t stick out that much. If you put a case on it, it’s almost completely hidden and can be used continuously.


android usb magnetic cable

So, it’s time to answer the question, is it really possible to do it in a second? Wireless charging methods are very popular these days, and they offer an unparalleled level of satisfaction.

It was fast charging, so it was buffered soon after I connected it.

fast charging

I’ve connected it to my laptop for data transfer.

I've connected it to my laptop for data transfer.




Then, I can confirm that Windows recognizes it immediately. Being able to send data for the first time in a circular cable means a variety of uses. I think everyone in my family can use them conveniently, this convenient idea helps a lot in everyday life.

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